Knowledge and Contacts: Opening Doors in Africa for Our Clients

Looking to invest or do business in sub-Saharan Africa?  We will make your job easier and improve your chances of success.  Our deep knowledge, broad network, and global experience help you identify areas of opportunity and avoid risks. We can accelerate your learning process, allowing you to focus on your core business. We will connect you with prospective customers or investors, and provide support to improve the chances of a successful transaction.

African Sunrise Partners is an investment research and corporate advisory firm. We have a deep knowledge of business in Africa and a vast network of contacts among companies, investors, government officials, and entrepreneurs. We offer advice, knowledge, and business connections to corporate business development executives and institutional investors. Our research library contains over 50 reports on African countries, industries, and themes. We give clients an independent assessment of market opportunities and risks. Our advice helps clients move more quickly toward a profitable deployment of capital into sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Founder and Managing Director, Melissa Cook, is a well-known supporter of Africa and is a regular speaker at major conferences and events.

Melissa T. Cook ,  CFA  – Managing Director

Past Member, President Obama’s Advisory Council on Doing Business in Africa