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Melissa Cook Appointed to PAC-DBIA

Major New Appointment. Melissa Cook was honored to have been appointed to the President's Advisory Council on Doing Business in Africa. This group of 15 high-profile private-sector leaders will, through the Secretary of Commerce, advise President Obama on advancing the White House's doing Business in Africa policy, which focuses on advancing commercial ties between the United States and Africa.

ASP is an investment research and advisory boutique dedicated to bringing private-sector capital to sub-Saharan Africa. Our clients include institutional investors, corporate executives, lawyers and consulting firms. Clients tap into our valuable resources via our independent, unique and timely written commentary, retained services and matchmaking work.

On-the-Ground Insight.  We are 100% focused on sub-Saharan Africa. We spend at least 1/3 of the year on the continent, in Africa-focused conferences or meeting Africa-oriented businesses. During over 30 business trips to Africa since 2006, we have built our knowledge base via over 1200 face-to-face meetings with companies, business leaders, government officials, investors and other primary sources related to Africa. We have 25+ years of global institutional research experience—including a front-row seat watching the emergence of new economies in Eastern Europe and China.  Learn more here.

How to Work With Us

Our business is geared to helping globally sophisticated investors or executives determine how best to proceed in Africa. We quickly bring the conversation down from the 30,000-foot-level clouds to a discussion of grassroots, direct business impact based on our primary knowledge. We help clients make better-informed decisions so they can take action.  Talk to us about creating a package of services to meet your needs. Here are some options:

Access: Services via retainer or institutional commission-sharing arrangements.

Knowledge: Purchase passwords or a site license to our report library.

First-hand look: Join one of our investor/corporate trips to the continent.

Network: connect with our sources for information, deals and insight.

Speaking engagements: We speak regularly on a variety of Africa-related topics in the US, Canada, the UK, Africa and elsewhere.  For details, click here.

How Does Africa's Transformation Affect Your Business?

Our clients—ranging from long-time Africa experts to those new to the continent—realize that Africa is increasingly relevant to them.  

Business is thriving on the continent. From small informal kiosks to rapidly-expanding local private firms, all the way up to Africa-based multinationals and North American, European, Indian, Brazilian or Asian behemoths, growth is obvious.  Consumer-facing sectors, machinery, electrical equipment, financial services, transportation, technology and communications, housing, hotels, education, health care and entertainment—all of these markets are on the move right now.

Institutional investors, endowments and foundations: Is your risk/return calculus based on independent, unbiased information? Is your portfolio positioned for an acceleration of demand in Africa? What if South-South trade creates global shifts in market share and profitability?  Can the companies you own answer questions about how they plan to thrive in a world in which Africa is an agent of change?  Subscribe to our reports, travel with us to see for yourself.

Corporate executives: Does your business have a deliberate Africa strategy?  Or are your decisions being made based on outdated information, a skewed perception of Africa's risk/reward, or priorities dictated by last year's issues? Let us bring a fully independent perspective to your strategic planning department, CFO, CEO and Board of Directors.

Law firms and consulting/advisory firms: Are your US or global clients asking for advice on how to get into Africa? Consider leveraging our knowledge to bring your team up to speed, allowing your professionals to focus on serving your client's needs. Our work informs, educates and generates ideas—good business for us, potentially creating more demand for you.

Why Africa, Why Now?

We see three key themes at work.

1. Governance is improving, underpinning stability and opening new areas to investment.

2. Consumers have more money to spend, even at the lowest income levels. 

3. Funding is soaring for infrastructure-building, which enables industrialization.  

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